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While Idaho is one of the few states that has not seen the Coronavirus as of yet, ti…

While Idaho is one of the few states that has not seen the Coronavirus as of yet, times are changing. We all need to take steps to protect ourselves, our families, and those most vulnerable in our communities from this virus.

At Trickster’s, all breweries for that matter, sanitation is of the upmost importance and we want to assure all our customers and friends that the sanitation does not just stop in the brewery, it includes our tasting room as well. As of today we are also increasing the sanitation practices of the tasting room to keep any possible community transmission out of our tasting room. We are following all local health department as well as the CDC’s recommendations on proper sanitizing for the virus.

We are staying on top of the situation as it seems to be changing hourly but assure everyone we will be doing our best to stay open and continue making suds for the masses. We will be assessing the situation daily (through CDC and Panhandle Health) to determine if any further action is required on our part to help stem the spread of the virus. We also ask that if you are feeling under the weather (or have a possible known exposure to the Coronavirus) to not come into the tasting room.

If you have already started preparing for a long quarantine at home please don’t forget to stock up on J-Box cans… they go quite well while waiting at home not sick for everyone else to settle down. Cheers and stay healthy, also wash you damn hands.


Everyone at Trickster’s